In-depth English

Engelska med Kim Signell eller Diana


If you choose to take the in-depth course in English, you will have a great deal of influence on what you work with. The aim is to improve your English in relation to the four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) and to go beyond the junior high school curriculum, but how you choose to do that is largely up to you. For example, in previous terms students have created their own countries, videogame commentaries, and short stories. In addition, students have written reviews and descriptive texts about a number of topics, and have also presented facts in oral presentations. Even if English is the obvious focus, this course does give you the opportunity to explore other subjects, such as social studies and science, in English. Through this course you will also receive in-depth feedback on your work, in order to improve your already excellent English language skills. At the end of the course, I would like you to present your work in some manner, be it a poster, a presentation, a blog post, or simply a written text that I put up in the classroom.