9 april, 2016

What’s Happening in Idrott

During the last few weeks we have been doing some exciting activities at RWS Bromma.  The latest moment has been gymnastics, which not only is my favorite activity, its also quite enjoyed by the students.  In mellanstadiet the students have been learning to perfect headstands and kullebyter, as well as some important team work activities.  While the högstadiet students have been preparing a performance that they will record for grading.

We were also visited in the Idrott department by SVT and Kristian Democrats Party leader Ebba Busch Thor.  The theme for the meeting was having more sports in schools, which is a popular topic amonst sports teachers.  The idea is starting to get momentum as we struggle with students who are not really doing any physical activity outside school.  I think the benefits are many and we’ll see where the debate takes us.

What’s next; whilst the students were off enjoying their sports break our Idrott teachers Trevor and Vide were out working in the forest.  Well I’m not sure 2 outdor types really consider a day in the forest work.  They were hard at “work” setting up for orienteering which we will start next week.  There is a lot going on right now and spring is in the air.  What a time to be a sports teacher.

OrientermigTeam activityEbba Busch Thor7B